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Christmas Sale in July!!

**** #ChristmasInJulySale ****

We all love a holiday romance, right? Myself and my indie buddies are bringing to you a Christmas in July sale. All the books are between 99p and £1.99. Grab a bargain while you can.

****Come Back To What You Know By Kyra Lennon**** When Charley Richards left the UK to work in Chicago for a year, she left a piece of her heart with Brayden McKie. After months of almost meeting, their only date was on Christmas Eve. Now, with her mind full of the wonderful memories they made, she can’t help but wish the time away until she can go home to him. However, when Brayden drops a bombshell just weeks before Charley’s return, her world is rocked, and her plans make a swift and unexpected change. Is the universe playing a cruel trick on her by offering her a man she can never really have? Or will fate work in her favour and finally give her the one thing she wants more than anything in the world? Amazon U.K - Amazon .com -

****A Different Christmas by KM Lowe**** Two people. Two upbringings. One Christmas. Sam was brought up to her happy family gathering at Christmas. Filled with many traditions that as an adult she thought were normal for everyone. Getting ready to finish work for the holidays to go home to her family in Scotland, was her idea of fun and relaxation. Well, that was until her boss, Luke, told her he was dragging her to New York for work. Much to Sam’s irritation, she has to go along and attend New York before flying home on Christmas Eve. Luke grew up with parents that had a multimillionaire company and wanted for nothing. Apart from a family to celebrate Christmas with. Luke grew up thinking he had what everyone had at Christmas, until he grew up and realized that Christmas is a family occasion. Two characters that clash at the slightest thing is a recipe for disaster. Throw Sam and Luke into New York and it is either a make or break for their working relationship. Would Christmas be different after this year? Amazon U.K - -

****Home For Christmas By KM Lowe**** Being a soldier changed Logan McDade's life. It turned him from a boy into a man and he'd fought for his country for ten years. He was in his prime, or so he thought, until one fateful day when his camp was ambushed, his career ended, and his life was turned upside down. Returning Home for Christmas should be a happy occasion, but for Logan McDade, it's the complete opposite. Returning home to Montana where his family own and run a ranch was his idea of hell. With his future unclear, he returns home to see what he can piece together of his fragile life. When Logan's path crosses with his neighbour, Alisha, his heart beats fast, and his head tells him to follow his heart, even though Alisha has her own set of issues. Can two broken souls be mended? Will their pasts eat them up? Will family be the answer to a happy Christmas? Amazon U.K - Amazon .com -

****One Last Wish By KM Lowe**** Christmas time is supposed to be filled with festive cheer, love, and laughter. For Brook Taylor, returning home to be with her family is about to turn her life upside down and cast a bad vibe over the holiday period. Brook’s mother, Judy, has been given a terminal diagnosis, but little does she know that Judy has got one last wish for her daughter – to see her happy and in love with the one and only Matthew Simpson. For Matthew, Brook was the one that got away all those years ago. She’s the one who’s always out of reach. Time and time again, his heart is broken when Brook runs. But now, with dark clouds hanging over their sleepy Scottish village nestled under the hills, enough is enough. Life is too short, but can Brook and Matthew realise that all their problems could be solved if they just tell each other the truth? Will Judy get her one last wish? Only time will tell if light can be found at the end of this Christmas period. Amazon U.K - -

****Festive Love Coach By Toya Richardson**** A Christmas Romance with a Sprinkling of Humour Maya Singleton is finished with men. For good. Especially after finding her ex doing the wild thing with his business partner. To make matters worse after this monumental nightmare, she has two accidents involving a guy she’s never met before. Could life get any worse? Now she’s faced with a dilemma. The skiing trip with her ex is a no go, so what should she do for the festive season? Answer? Go on a coach trip to Eastbourne! The only holiday available a few days before Christmas. After a chance meeting with someone on this trip, and yet more surprises at the hotel, will Maya have a Happy New Year? Or will she wind up miserable and alone? After a series of hilarious accidents, errors and mishaps, can love find a way? Only time will tell. Amazon U.K - Amazon .com -

****Destination Dream By Toya Richardson**** As Tash Freeman embarks on her lifelong dream of being a dancer on a cruise ship, the strong bond she made with her hot summer fling needs to end. Though Tash has grown fond of Jay, she needs to move on with her life… or so she thought. Because Jay is supportive of Tash’s life-long dream come true he’s hesitant to share his deeper feelings. He’s in love with Tash. There won’t be another like her in his life, ever. Yet he digs deep and finds the courage to let her go. But when she leaves, a large part of his heart is torn away and it’s too late to remedy his mistake. Both struggle for a happy medium between their long-distance relationship that’s pushed beyond the breaking point. Jay finally knows how to make it work with Tash… but as she gains new friends and meets new people his efforts might be too little too late. Amazon U.K - -

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