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Destination Love Cover Reveal

Destination Love – Beach Read Series (Book 1) by Toya Richardson

Cover Reveal

Publishing Date: 1st June 2018, available for pre order now. Order your copy now to purchase for the special offer of 99p/99c for a limited period.

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“I’ve had enough of men to last me a lifetime. Think I’ll stick to writing about perfect heroes from now on. Guys who can’t hurt me or give me grief.” Is going to be Faith Morgan’s mantra from now on.

After finally leaving her unsupportive and unloving boyfriend when her romance novel is signed to a large publishing house, Faith vows to steer clear of men. Her best friend suggests she visits her aunt on Waiheke Island in New Zealand to get away from it all. She jumps at the chance and vows to steer clear of men. What she doesn’t expect to find is love in the shape of sexy local businessman, Dean Jameson.

As their relationship becomes more intense they admit their feelings for each other. Together they overcome stressful encounters with their ex partners and life is great. When her return date looms closer, they begin to fear for their future. Will their love survive the distance, or will it fade when they’re miles apart?


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