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Fabulous Reviews for Destination Love

I have been blown away by the amazing reviews I've received for Destination Love. I've attached some comments from readers, taken from Amazon and Goodreads.

“The book has been very well researched, so I expect the author to have lived there at some time.”

“A few twists and turns kept my interest and I enjoyed the few lol moments.”

“It had everything, relatable characters, really good storyline and a steamy romance.”

“This is a five-star book I recommend this captivating novel.”

“If you like exotic locales, steamy relationships and happily ever afters, then you’ll love Toya Richardson’s inspiring novel.”

“The author did a great job of making the story feel seamless and romantic.”

“It’s angsty and steamy, it keeps you hooked throughout.”

“It flowed beautifully, Richardson’s writing gave me all the feels.”

“Toya Richardson’s eloquent words will capture your heart and soul.” “You will yearn for every kiss, to the forbidden soul searing touch.”

“The book flows really well and this makes for a fast-paced read.”

If these quotes have intrigued you, grab your copy today...


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