• Toya Richardson

Feeling Apprehensive and Excited

Just feeling a little thoughtful, apprehensive and excited at the moment and decided to put my thoughts down. Sorry if I waffle on.

So I don’t wimp out over the fear of self-publishing, I’m keeping the momentum going. Feedback from beta readers so far has been very positive and I’ve made some changes to Retribution. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for their honesty and support. I’ve started the ball rolling with cover designs, teasers, banners etc. Over the weekend I’m checking out YouTube, apparently there are some helpful videos re formatting and filling out the information on KDP. I also want to thank all those amazing indie authors who have offered me help and advice. This community never ceases to amaze me with their support and friendship, it’s very humbling. The fact that I haven’t had anything published for almost two years is frightening and I need to have more work out there. Unfortunately, it’s far to late for the Leeds signing, but I’m giving myself a deadline to get Retribution out there in time for the Writer’s by the Water signing in July. And who doesn’t love a book with a hot Rockstar in it?

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